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    Our company has been the leading provider of bike rental services to residents and guests of the USA since 1999. We pay attention to every aspect of our work.

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    Ride is a perfect bike rental service for me. They were very helpful in fitting me and my girlfriend for a couple of bikes and heading us in the right direction.

    • Jeffrey Neddery
    • Customer

    Me and my extended family, 7 total, rented bikes from this place during our visit in June 2016. Ride was excellent, they were friendly and very informative right from the start.

    • John Williams
    • Customer

    What a way to spend an afternoon riding a bike through California! It was an unforgettable experience for me. But what I really liked was a service provided by Ride.

    • Will Peters
    • Customer

    Any Bike Your Heart Desires

    City Bike

    1 Day $59/day
    2-6 Days $49/day
    From 7 Days $39/day

    Touring Bike

    1 Day $59/day
    2-6 Days $49/day
    From 7 Days $39/day

    Comfort Bike

    1 Day $59/day
    2-6 Days $49/day
    From 7 Days $39/day

    Rental Conditions

    We expect our clients to adhere to Rental Terms & Conditions that are based on equality and responsibility.

    These Conditions are available as a downloadable PDF document on our website and they include the following sections, principles, and explanations:

    1. Travel Insurance
    2. Rental Bicycle Status
    3. Cancellation Terms
    4. Equipment Supplied
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    Guided Bike Tours with Ride

    If you enjoy traveling with a group, meeting new people, and having a guide and structured daily schedule, then a guided group bike tour is probably the best fit for you.

    Eco Standards

    Here are our environmental certificates that regulate the standards of our environmental cooperation.

    Our Professional Team

    Recreational Biking

    We have been offering the best selection of bikes for tour biking all over the USA since 1999.

    Personally Tuned Bikes

    We are ready to offer you a bike, which can be tuned according to your needs.

    Range Of Accessories

    At our shop you can find a wide variety of accessories for any bike available at affordable prices.

    24/7 Support

    Ride provides seamless 24/7 support to all its clients to ensure the best riding experience.

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    Ride is the perfect provider of bike rental services for both city residents and guests. You can find and rent a desired bike just in a few clicks on our website.

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    • 9870 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, DC 45 Fr 45.

    • 9870 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, DC 45 Fr 45.

    • 9870 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, DC 45 Fr 45.

    • 9870 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, DC 45 Fr 45.